aim of the program


  • Accomplish unique photography portfolio & profile

  • Execute assignment under selected themes

  • Organise the groundwork of a professional exhibition

  • Edit a photography publication

  • Build a connection with art spaces and art festivals locally or from overseas

  • Prepare a portfolio for applying visual art undergraduate or postgraduate degree

  • Strengthen the course work in visual art study in the university degree


The consultation will assist mentees to search their focus of interest, stimulate them to initiate original and unique artistic profile, explain the methodology of image selection, order & caption, give critical reviews, and at the end accomplish a concrete body of work. The consultation combines theory and practice during the whole journey



types of consultation


  1. Basic Consultation

  2. Assignment Under Selected Theme

  3. Consultation for High School & University Student


A Written Review by the consultant will be given to the mentees after the consultation completes


The projects by mentees will be published in Instagram & Facebook of Studio Collective - Fine Art Photography Consultation if they agree


Selected projects will be published in the online Network of Studio Collective - Fine Art Photography Consultation


Our services also included helping mentees to develop and to accomplish a professional photography book; as well as to acquire the management in a photography exhibition


Studio Collective - Fine Art Photography Consultation will seek possibilities of organising exhibitions locally & internationally; interested parties are welcome to discuss with us for potential Collaboration


The mentee can also consider further consultation or Face-to-Face Consultation as well




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