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Alex Chung

Sociologist-cum-photographer, Hong Kong


Alex Chung is a sociology teacher who was born in 1968.

The Colonial Story



The Colonial Story is about Hong Kong, from the time it was born to be a “Chinese territory”, through its British colonial development to now being a Special Administrative Region of China.  Out of this dialectic development one sees the growth of localism that comes to define the Hong Kong people.  As history unfolds itself, the story goes on with an unknown future.

Classics of Mountain and Sea



Classics of Mountain and Sea is a compilation of myths about geography surrounding ancient China. It contains extensive records of medicines, animals, geographical features of different areas organised along two board sections - Classics of Mountain, and Classics of Sea. Weird as it appears to be, the Classics of Mountain and Sea greatly fuelled our imagination of the unknown world, connected through the sea, stretching far beyond. Unfortunately, the remnants of the Classics today contain a description in words only as the original graphical illustrations were lost over more than a thousand years’ time. Absorbing the ingredient from the Classics, utilising modern days chemical process relating to lights and its reappearance, I intended to bring back the unknown world.​

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