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Grace Lau

Graphic designer, Hong Kong

Grace Lau, a graphic designer with great enthusiasm in art creation, has been involving in the realms of both drama and harmonica. She has also been an art director for a number of large-scale productions.

She graduated from HKUSPACE Postgraduate Diploma in Photography in 2015. She has also exhibited her artwork in group exhibitions including the “12 Oil Street: Casting” (2012) presented by Art Promotion Office and “100-self portraits of Hongkongese” (2015).​

Mutual Gaze Series - Gazing at the artists

2014 - 2015


Have you slowed down and gazed at the other?

Can you feel the individual by gazing into each other’s eyes?

If the person you are gazing at is not yourself, will you feel your own existence from him/her?

Can you find yourself in the mutual gaze?

Few people will face themselves silently; however, they thirst for knowing themselves - Who am I?

During the process of creation, a number of Hong Kong artists are invited to be gazing objects. The expressions of mutual gaze are taken by a camera every thirty-second. The feelings of the artists are audio-recorded.

The final disclosure of “I” is constituted of the different eyes of different artists.

Who am I?...... wouldn't really know......



How we perceive ourselves? How do we see ourselves? even in a private space.......wouldn't really know.....​​

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