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Joe Lau

Visual artist

Hong Kong & Taiwan

Joe Lau (1962, Hong Kong), born and bred in I.T., a mean to which I earn my living. 15 years ago, photography came into my life, which I gaze through via a different window – a viewfinder. 2017, I freeze my technology career and moved along to the world of art, express myself using image as the media.




The shade of the sea and the sky, where can I find a place to hide?

Senses of calm and peace, where can I find a place to live?



Where have all the flowers gone… Long time passing (Peter, Paul and Mary)




Walking along the sands of time, one step at a time, my life flashed before me and in blinding light, half a century has whisked by. Enveloped by a multitude of unexplainable emotions, a need to take it slow emerged but was soon clouded by a feeling of uncertainty as events in my life faded away. The path to completion is looming before me, there is no motivation to reach the end, but yet, it is more real than ever before. A feeling of helplessness, with no solution but to let time unfold on its own.

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