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Maria Carapeto

Visual artist, Portugal

My name is Maria Carapeto and I take photographs. I studied photography first at Cooperativa Árvore (Porto) and Aula do Risco (Lisbon) in Portugal. Later on, I moved to the U.K. and there I continued my studies in Photography, first at the School of Art&Design-(B&P C. of F.E) moving later to Editorial Photography at The University of Brighton. I now live in Portugal, in the village of São Pedro do Corval, Alentejo. My house named "the island" because it is round, has become my source of inspiration. I recently started here a new project of Arts&Crafts named "Postcards from the island", in which I associate my roots and memories within a contemporary use of my photography skills.​​​

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The swallows and the ladies of the night


This is a piece of work of flowers from my house garden - my source of inspiration - and a night's read of Matsuo Bashô haikus.

The red poppy


A red poppy grew just opposite my door. I passed it countless times, and one day, I noticed it was about to lose a petal… Before it happened, I picked the poppy and photographed it. It became an object full of symbols; as ephemeral as life.

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