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Patricio Álvarez Aragón

Art historian/Curator/Hybrid artist.

Currently based in Dublin (Ireland), since 2018.  During his life, he has also lived in Santiago de Chile, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and Miami (the US)

Patricio is interested in the collectives contexts (relational aspects/aesthetics) in which are is produced and performed, having a special interest in the objects of self-organization, culture of collaboration, social connectivity, and performativity. His practice is oriented towards the development of new co-creation formats in collaborative and networked environments, via archival research, exhibition projects, design research, and informative/participative activities (seminars, art laboratories, talks, round-tables...) open to the participation of general and artist communities. He understands his role as a researcher/curator as that of an active mediation of thought-processes derived from the experience of encountering, encouraged by his insterest. In addition, he is an active component of CAPA, since 2017, (the Collective Automatic Painting Amsterdam, founded in Amsterdam in 1991) acting as the chief curator and researcher.

Art Laboratory: #Mattalab. Digital Production & Collaborative Art Laboratory/Exhibition

Matta Space Cultural Centre, Santiago de Chile


#Mattalab was an online-based encounter for Spanish speaker artists interested in the life and work of Roberto Matta Echaurren (Chilean expat and experimental artist based in Europe and the US, linked with the Surrealism, Experimental Art and Abstract Expressionism) and in the objects of collaboration and participation inside the dimension of digital production.

Solo Exhibition: "Recovering Memory". A dialectic with the childhood

Bunker Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria


Recovering Memory, "la Memoria" was a solo exhibition held at the experimental art gallery Bunker of the city of Varna, Bulgaria. "La memoria" gathered 20 automatic paintings made in Dublin (acrylic on paper, color copies) that acted as a substitute for the photographs and memories of my childhood that I have not been able to save but remember.

Art Talk: A Surrealistic dialectic between continents: the Surrealism in Chile. The Mandrágora group and the Granell-Gomez Correa alliance

Eugenio Granell Foundation, Santiago de Compostela, Spain


This talk was a result of a research residency held at the same museum/foundation archive between the end of 2011 and part of 2012 where I investigated about the Surrealist Movement and its connections/relations between Spain and Chile (South America). In particular, the investigation delved into the relationship between Enrique Gómez-Correa and Eugenio Granell (crucial exponents of late International Surrealism) and the production of illustrated books of poems between the late 70's until 1995 being a unique testimony of collaboration developments inside the Surrealism culture and Art History.

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