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Susana López Fernández

Visual artist, Spain

My name is Susana and I am an artist with a PhD in Fine Arts who uses equally photography and painting as a language to communicate what awakens my interest, those things that worry me, what I feel or what I love. In my work the borders between photography and painting are blurred, I use tools from both fields with the aim to communicate what I want.​

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La morte

2015 - 2018

To all those who left us too early. Where are you going? Is it scary? Will we meet again? Why did you disappear so soon? What did we not say? La Morte is a tribute to all those who are not among us anymore, especially those who left too early. Each photograph is a digital photo collage. I decided to complete the series with only seven pictures. I chose this number because it is the number of days of the official Catholic and Jewish mourning.

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