Wai Kit Lam

Visual artist, Hong Kong & Spain

Wai Kit Lam was born in Hong Kong in 1966. She graduated with a MFA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2003) and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom (1996). ​Her media included photography, video art, text & sound. Her research topic comprised identity, human vulnerability, intimacy, and interrelationship between individuals and surrounding circumstances.

Hacia la inexperiencia


This series of works is a response of an article “El futur. Poesia de la inexperiència” by Jaume Munar Ribot. The article argues about the essence of poetry that should not be solely from experience that we have encountered; instead, it is the possibility arises from uncertainty of what has not yet been experienced, as well as unknown too.

I therefore employed six photographs with a foggy scene as a metaphor of uncertainty and inexperience that we would face and confront. Indeed, this does not only apply to poetry, but it may also be relevant to any kind of creativity, or even in life.

A daughter's love letters to her parents


The love stories of my parents stimulated me to write love letters to them. But eventually, it turned out that these love letters are no longer only about imagination or comprehension of their histories. Indeed they are transformed into introspection of our own selves, and also our expectation, doubt, belief and worry etc. on love.

Fake tarot


I would like to question as if we understand the value of a person or an event through merely visual representation. Reading a photograph is very similar to the act of interpreting a tarot card, do we trust the result by only visual elements? Or, indeed we put our subjective mind onto them?​​

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