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Wai Kit Lam

Visual artist, Hong Kong & Spain

Wai Kit Lam was born in Hong Kong in 1966. She graduated with an MFA from The Chinese University of Hong Kong (2003) and a BA (Hons) in Fine Art from Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom (1996). ​Her media included photography, video art, text & sound. Her research topic comprised identity, human vulnerability, intimacy, and the interrelationship between individuals and the surrounding circumstances.

Surviving Blank


Surviving Blank is a piece of work about the disturbing mood during the pandemic of coronavirus in 2020. This work depicts the struggle between reality and mental state that might be more problematic and widely attacked than the virus itself.



The pandemic of coronavirus in 2020 and the political unrest of Hong Kong since 2019 are the significant disturbances that changed our perception of our life and the world; we are forced to reexamine the relationship between ourselves and our surroundings.
Accordingly, the distress compelled us to abandon the dysfunctional beliefs and embrace the thoughts that might sound unmanageable before. Hence, we had metamorphosed into a new life stage. Our concept of life in the deepest part of our mind would no longer be the same after the turmoil.

Five Senses No.5 – Taste: Taste of Freedom


Do you understand the taste of freedom if you have never encountered it?

Hacia la inexperiencia


This series of works is a response of an article “El futur. Poesia de la inexperiència” by Jaume Munar Ribot. The article argues about the essence of poetry that should not be solely from experience that we have encountered; instead, it is the possibility that arises from the uncertainty of what has not yet been experienced and an unknown.

I, therefore, employed six photographs with a foggy scene as a metaphor for the uncertainty and inexperience that we would face and confront. Indeed, this does not only apply to poetry, but it may also be relevant to any creativity or even in life.

A daughter's love letters to her parents


The love stories of my parents stimulated me to write love letters to them. But eventually, it turned out that these love letters are no longer only about imagination or comprehension of their histories. Indeed they are transformed into the introspection of our own selves, and also our expectation, doubt, belief and worry etc., on love.

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